Edge Directors enjoy the view, poolside at Rivière

August 2, 2023

We are pleased to report that since our last update PACT and their trades have completed the East Building concrete slab pours to Level 4 and have commenced the structural columns extending up to level 5. The Level 4 slab for the Central Building will be poured in the days to come.

We are currently working towards an early September completion of all structural elements at the top of the podium level (Level 3), which incidentally includes a substantial portion of the project’s structural complexities.

This milestone will also mark a commencement in focus for the East and Central apartment levels, which will start to emerge from this level in the coming months.

It is also hard to miss the new Edge signage on the lift shaft, making the site even more visible from Canning Bridge and the freeway.

As PACT progresses at pace through the building timeline, we look forward to providing more updates.

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