Eden West residents celebrate new homes, new friends

July 5, 2021

Edge Visionary Living recently hosted a sunset soirée for Eden West Floreat residents. The night was in celebration of new homes and new friends and of the wonderful new community being nurtured at Eden. Residents enjoyed a selection of drinks and delectable canapés as the sun set over Perry Lakes.

The atmosphere was electric as neighbours were reacquainted and it was heart-warming to feel the excitement as residents gathered together as a group for the first time.

The Sunset Terrace came into its own as it accommodated around 150 guests. The feedback received about the project on the night was remarkable, with everyone comfortably adjusting to a low maintenance lifestyle and discovering new found time to enjoy the resort-style amenities and recreational activities that the highly desirable location affords.

Edge is extremely proud of the community we have created at Eden and see this is a benchmark project from which to emulate in upcoming projects Rivière Residences and Lumiere South Perth.